The Simplest
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One platform
30+ networks
190+ countries

One platform
30+ networks
190+ countries

One easy to use platform allows you to set up, run, automate, and analyze campaigns in over 30 native advertising networks. These include major networks with worldwide reach, as well as local, specialized brands in multiple countries.

What we can do for you

Streamline your experience as an advertiser to help you save valuable time.

Introduce you to new, quality native advertising networks that deserve your attention.

Use advanced technologies to protect you from frauds and low quality traffic to maximize ROI.

Help you expand your campaigns to international markets and reach new audiences.

Make payments easy: pay once and distribute the budget among networks however you want.

Gather all your campaigns reports in one place, making it easy to aggregate and compare data.

Are you new to native advertising?

Set up your first, cross-platform campaigns in just 3 simple steps!

  • Set-up native creatives: upload images and write titles and descriptions for them.
  • Create campaign, choose Native Advertising networks you would like to use and setup various targeting options.
  • Enjoy your successfull campaign!

Explore new advertising opportunities and maximize your reach

Digital advertising doesn’t begin and end with Google and Facebook. According to Business Insider, native ads will drive 74% of all ad revenue by 2021. Get ahead of your competitors and diversify your traffic sources today.

Take advantage of our know-how and team of experts to help you get started

Our team consists of native advertising experts, skilled in managing campaigns all around the globe, in over 30 native advertisement networks. We’ll be happy to assist you in reaching your advertising goals, throughout the whole process.

Are you an experienced advertiser?

Set up, manage and generate reports for your campaigns in one simple panel

You can easily import your existing campaigns into Cleverra panel. Instead of logging into multiple platforms every day, you’ll be able to access all important information in one place. Check the list of currently supported platforms.

Save time by cloning campaigns, reusing assets and blacklisting placements across platforms

Repetitive tasks can take a lot of time that could be used better on optimizing campaigns and building long-term strategies. We used our own experience with native advertising platforms to streamline campaigns’ management, without sacrificing functionalities and customization.

Invest your budgets safely: avoid fake clicks and frauds

Fast growth of pay per click advertising is inevitably attracting fraudsters. Click frauds can cause businesses to lose even billions of dollars a year. To protect you from that, we use advanced technologies and our own database to quicky identify and block suspicious placements.

How it works

Cleverra is based on advanced Advertising Technology software to connect in real time to more than 30 Native Advertising Networks using either:

  • API provided by advertising network,
  • Real Time Bidding (RTB) protocol,
  • Web scrapping and automation

Thanks to that, Cleverra allows you to setup your campaigns just once and then run them on many networks. All integrations and data exchange are done in the background. You can easily copy and move your campaigns from one network to another.

Our networks

Cleverra integrates over 30 native advertising networks, and we keep adding more!

Taboola - Taboola is a content recommendation platform with more than 1 billion users each month and 22 thousand premium publishers worldwide. It declares 10 times larger user engagement when compared to traditional advertising methods

Revcontent - International network with other 250 billion content recommendations per month on exclusive placements. Ads are being displayed on various websites, ranging from small specialized blogs to big portals, such as Forbes, Newsweek, Lifestyle and others.

Adcash - Adcash is a self-service demand-side advertising platform that allows users to reach customers in over 249 countries. Cooperation with more than 300 RTB partners and 10 years’ experience makes the platform very competitive.

Yahoo Gemini - Yahoo Gemini is Yahoo's platform for mobile search and native advertising ads. Yahoo Gemini offers search engine ads, retargeting options, products listings, and keywords targeting, similar to Google Adwords/Ads. Your ads will run on all devices and all of Yahoo’s web properties. Aside from various Yahoo brands, such as Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Sports, those also currently include Flickr,, Tumblr.

Plista - Plista is a platform for data-driven native advertising in premium editorial environments reaching customers in over 25 countries. Its native ad formats enable advertisers to target audiences along the entire sales funnel.

Outbrain - Outbrain is an online advertising network specializing in presenting sponsored website links. It cooperates with publishers and marketers in more than 55 countries. Outbrain's promoted articles are found on more than 35,000 websites.

MGID - MGID is an audience development network of 1000s of premium publishers. It allows to reach customers in over 225 countries and its monthly reach is over 130 million unique visitors (according to comScore).

Etarget - Etarget is a PPC and RTB network operating in 7 countries within Central and Eastern Europe region.

Chameleon - Chameleon offers a Native Advertising SaaS platform and Ad Server to media companies to allow them to directly sell, deliver and manage their own native ad formats and campaigns and also provides a Real Time Bidding platform which connects publishers and advertisers within a Native Advertising exchange.

Adnow - Adnow is a native advertising network which works on RTB technology. It has over 160 000 partners, 1700 advertisers and is serving over 6 billion impressions each month throughout 114 countries. It declares that its platform is best at monetizing female audience.

Adkontekst - Adkontekst is a Polish contextual and behavioral advertising network displaying its ads on partners' websites. Adkontekst aggregates the best known Polish websites and reaches 24 million users.

Facebook Ads - Facebook Ads are based on a targeting technology which allows advertisements to reach a specific audience. Audience targeting on Facebook includes geographical location, gender, age, work, relationship status, and interests such as music, among others. Also, you can customize your target audience based on their behavior such as purchasing patterns, device usage, and other activities.